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    Version Control question related to Visual SourceSafe.

      I have a RoboHELP HTML (RH) project that is set up for version control with Visual Source Safe (VSS). Now I need to create a copy of this project and set up version control for it as well. I tried copying the RH files and adding the copy to VSS. But when I open the XPJ file from the copied folder, it still has references to the version controlled original folder.

      There are a lot of files in the copied folder that has references to the original VSS location. How do I make this copied project a self-containing version-controlled project with no references to the original?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi K

          Perhaps the following article will help?

          Click here to read the article

          Please give it a try and post back with whether it worked for you or not.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Kutra Level 1
            Hi Rick:

            Tried the link to the aricle on RobWizard. It works sort-of, however, I noticed that two files (eHlpDhtm.js and gg_sdk.pss) not mentioned in that article have references to the old version control information. What are these two files used for?

            So far, it's working fine for me, but not for my colleagues who are accessing this copied project. They all have gotten the latest files from VSS on their machine. But the Getting Files dialog box seems to be getting files from the old version control location as well. Now my colleagues do not have modify privileges to this old location at all. So when they try to edit a topic in the new copy in the new version control location, RH gives an error that says they don't have access rights to the old version control location. Why should this happen since the copy of the project is supposed to now only be aware of the new version control location. Also, RH also says that is cannot check out the XPJ file from the new version control location since exculsive privilege is required. This is weird since the XPJ file is not checked out at all.

            Any thoughts? Would the two files (eHlpDhtm.js and gg_sdk.pss) mentioned in the first paragraph be cuasing this? Those two files are the only ones in the copied project that have information about the old version control location.