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    Interactive PDF with anchors


      Hi everybody!

      I have the CC suite actual version (november 2015)


      I need to export an interactive PDF made by indesign with some ACHORS.

      The goal > I have to link those anchors with some buttons in a software, to allow software users to open the PDF at the right "chapter". (the document is the software technical manual!)


      I tried in this way, but i have a problem!


      1 create anchors in the document with a specific names

      2 export interactive pdf

      3 check the pdf source code with an editor like TextWrangler looking for the specific names


      I found my anchors in a form like: "DocumentName.indd:AnchorName:Number"




      The old version of indesign (5.5 in my case) doesn't add that number! What kind of number is it? Apparently is it a progressive number but i have no idea from where it comes...


      My software developers can't add these numbers in the buttons code because numbers changes every time i'm exporting and so they cannot "see in the future" and find the right numbers...


      Is there a way to export the document without adding the number? Any script or anything else?


      I accept any suggestion to reach the goal...


      Thank you!

      best regards