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    left aligned text is shown right alighned

    LykkeErik Level 1

      I have a problem with generated Web help: Left aligned text in header is shown right aligned in Explorer (9, 10 and 11) with RH 11.

      It puzzles me what has changed since RH9 where this never happened:

      1) the header is set up in the Master page.



      Webhelp Skin editor2.jpg

      2) when generated the individual html page show it correctly when displayed in Explorer:

      Webhelp Skin editor3.jpg

      here seen as a topic

      Webhelp Skin editor4.jpg

      3) However when customers access the webhelp they see it right-aligned:

      Webhelp Skin editor6.jpg

      I'm baffeled and at my wits end. Help!