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    Surface Pro 4 ?


      Hi !


      I'm planning to change my dedicated shooting computer and I'm looking at the Surface Pro 4

      Is the surface Pro 4 is fully supported by Lightroom 6 ?

      Is the graphic acceleration is functional ? (I've read something saying it doesn't work on surface pro 4?)

      does the SP4 can accept the workflow while shooting connected by USB ?


      thanks a lot !

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          Hedge-Photography Level 1

          Hi !


          thanks a lot !

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            Hedge-Photography Level 1

            Hi again !


            I've read all yous links, but some are too old (2009 !!) and for the others I know how to shoot connected cause I'm using it everyday with a 1DC and a desktop computer...

            But the point is  I want to have an up to date opinion about the surface Pro 4 and Lightroom 6 cause I want to have a more mobile solution !!

            So I'll search again :-)

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              jonathan+7007 Level 1


              I like you am trying to figure out the best way to use a Surface Pro 4 ion my photography. My previous tethering computers were either a heavy and large Sandy Bridge-i7 Lenovo w520 (super machine) or a Samsung Note 10.1 (214 edition) tablet. The tablet ran tethering with a program called DSLR Controller. ($8!) Both had their benefits. My tethered work is usually interiors with tilt and shift lenses and a lot of fussy details. Canon. And I usually stick with the Canon "EOS Utility" software packages.


              But since I have to restrict myself to just two machines running Lightroom I am wondering if the SP4 should go out with me and have the Lightroom and Photoshop installs beyond the desktop. I might try a free trial to see what the interface looks like on the SP4 screen! (just thought of that...)


              You should read up on the interface problems running these two programs on a very high-res screen like that of the SP4. Lightroom made the transition better but still presents very small control sliders, buttons, etc. Photoshop may have some workarounds, even though they have had several years to work on this. Adobe is tight-lipped about why there is still a problem. There was an update a day or so ago; maybe there are improvements included.


              Frankly I goofed and forgot Adobe would not allow me to add my SP4 to the other installs of LR and PS. The other choice (a third license) is another $120 for the year.



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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                I personally would not even consider trying to use the GPU setting in LR on a standard or even the top of the line Surface Pro 4. In the end that option is, IMHO, a waist of time.


                I'm running both LR CC and the most current version of Photoshop on a Dell E6420 Latitude notebook that is 4 years old without any problems. It doesn't even have a discrete card in it. I'm using the built in Intel graphics that came with a 4 year old i7 CPU (I think it was the second version Core i CPUs).


                What will slow you down is lack of disk space and amount of RAM. So buy the one that has the largest SSD and at least 8GBs of RAM.

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                  jonathan+7007 Level 1

                  Like you I have been tethering on an older machine. Definitely agree about turning off the "GPU assist" in LR in some newer devices, but the NVidia discrete card in my w520 helps. Eats battery though.  "Sandy Bridge" i7, superseded by "Ivy Bridge", then Haswell, we all skipped Broadwell so now Skylake is King.


                  Maybe your Dell is the same: upgradablity -- I have added drives and SSDs internally to the w520.


                  My SP4 is 512Gig SSD and 16Gig RAM, but I figure I will carry a 2TB external to manage photos and I ordered a 200Gig MicroSD to add [very slow compared to SSD] storage in a pinch.


                  My issue is whether I migrate the out-of-the-office Lightroom and maybe Photoshop work to this unit -- from the Lenovo. On-location tethering can stay with the Lenovo, which is kinda bulletproof.