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    HELP: Adobe Presenter 11 not finding Adobe Flash



      Win 7 - Home Premium 64 bit

      8 GB RAM, 1 TB

      Office 2007

      Default browser: Chrome

      Norton Antivirus


      Recently installed:

      1) PPT 2010 - 32 bit

      2) Adobe Presenter 11 (trial, started yesterday)

      3) Adobe Flash (I disabled my Norton Autoprotect to download)


      Working on Adobe Presenter to provide client published version for upload to LMS. This is what I've done:

      --Newly installed PPT 2010 ( I have coexisting 2003, 2007 versions installed under separate folders; have to keep for other programs); all good with PPT 2010.

      --Installed Adobe Presenter 11 trial (everything shows on the PPT 2010 menu)

      --Cannot preview or publish or add video using Presenter menu. It asks for latest Adobe Flash update; it opens a window in Internet Explorer and freezes.



      --Do I have the correct Adobe Flash version? Chrome says I have the latest. Is there a "standalone" that I should be running for Adobe Presenter 11? How do I get that?

      --Do I need to have Internet Explorer? My system says I have the latest version installed, but can't find it... Should I pursue this or it doesn't matter?


      I've tried uninstalling and installing Flash. I've tried uninstalling updates to Explorer (which is the only thing my system found) and tried installing Explorer 11 but it cannot complete the installation.

      I must resolve this issue asap so I can work on my client's project!!! Please help. :-(