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    Muddled Color in Prints



      Recently I edited some photos in LR and was happy with the finished product so posted to our social media accounts and the color continued to look great there as well. Some family members had requested prints for the holidays so I sat down and submitted some to snapfish to have them printed and framed and what not. When I previewed the prints before I purchased them the color was very different than it appears in LR or on social media, way too dark and muted; so I opened the photos in windows to preview them there and they were darker and muted there as well. I chatted with support at snapfish to see if they had any insight and they told me the photos looked fine from their end so I figured I would order them and if they were wrong when they arrived I could send them back and try again. Well they arrived yesterday and are dark and muted.

      I wonder if I am missing a step when I am saving my edited photos? Why would they look great in LR and PS and on social media but look dark and muted when previewed in windows and when printed?

      Thanks for your help/suggestions.

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi blacklemon,


          Do you export the images from Lightroom and then, share them with snapfish for Print?
          What are the Export settings of Lightroom and the color space in Photoshop?


          It could be possible that the color space for you and snapfish is different and it also depends on their Print Settings.

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            blacklemon09 Level 1


            I always open the photos into PS and save them as JPG from there. I did just change the color setting to ProPhoto as I read that when you edit in LR and transfer to PS its best to have that setting. It still shows up looking dark and muted in the preview on snapfish and with the preview in windows 7. However, I am pleased with the color in PS, LR and on social medias. It also looks fine on other monitors and cell phones on social media. It also looks dark and muted when I preview my snapfish cart on my cell phone.


            This is what it looks like when i say its "dark and muted":





            This ishow t  he photo should look, but when i open it in snapfish it sill looks like the photo above...


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              Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

              ProPhoto is a color space meant for editing, not for final output. Muted colors are typical when viewing ProPhoto images in non-color managed programs.

              You should always use sRGB for final output unless someone has specifically told you to use a different profile.

              And unless you need to edit in PS, I suggest that you export directly from LR, using the sRGB profile.

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                Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the workflow steps.


                Yes, as mentioned by Per, ProPhoto color space would not be good to export images.

                You should select your color space as sRGB for exporting purposes as the default preview converts the color space in sRGB and displays in that.


                Within Photoshop, you can go to Edit menu> convert to Profile> choose sRGB as your profile under Destination Space > and then, save the images as jpeg and check if they look good n preview.

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                  blacklemon09 Level 1

                  Thank you for your help!

                  I really appreciate it!!