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    Turn link into artifact


      I have a group of forms created by a Committee. At the bottom of each is a footer with text and a link to our website. (The link must remain in the footer.)

      hen the forms converted into PDF, the footer became an artifact, which is fine. The link, however, became an annotation.

      Running the Adobe accessibility checker shows all these links in the footers as inaccessible links.  I've tried to find a way to highlight and turn these links into artifacts to no avail.  If I go thru the Content panel, highlight then select Options, Create Artifact is grayed out and not available.

      If I go thru the Tags panel and add them to the tree structure, there is no way to then change them to an artifact.


      Can someone provide any info on how to do this?



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          a C student Level 3

          I have run into this same problem. Sorry to say I have found no good solution. Not-so-good solutions include:

          • Convince the committee to not use links in repeating headers or footers
          • Live with the error
          • Add the link annotation to the tag structure, but hide it under a Span tag with a space character as Actual Text (works but seems really kludgey)
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            LBarton Level 1

            C Student,


            Thank you for the reply.  Your kludgey solution at least solves my issue for now, which is to leave those links in the footers and also get an accessibility report that shows no errors.....

            've marked this "Answered".


            You're an A Student in my book! Have a great rest of your week!