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    Electronic signatures in specified location


      I know this question may sound like a no-brainer, but I'm fairly new to electronic signatures. I've developed a signature page for a contract which requires signatures from eight different individuals, and I'd like to use Adobe E-Sign to save some time. While doing some testing, I've noticed that electronic signatures applied to the form are appearing at the bottom of the page in a separate signature field instead of in the signature fields I created. Ideally, what I want is for each signer to apply an "ink" signature above their respective lines on the form since the final version will be printed. Is it possible to accomplish what I want using E-Sign or should I be emailing the form to each person one at a time? But, just to reemphasize, my main question is how do I get the signatures to appear where I want them instead of at the bottom of the page in a separate, automatically created field? I'm using Acrobat Pro DC. Thanks!