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    premiere elements does not complete encoding


      Ok so I lost a day yesterday putting together family videos (around 10) in preparation to create a Blu-ray iso image. After about 7 or 8 hours it was sitting at 98 percent. I let it run all night only to find it never completed and then when I tried to cancel the program got hung. Today I did my research and saw that sometimes auto save can create issues so it has been turned off. I fear even though I see hard drive activity it was encoding the menus and went to 98 percent again and is sitting there. First comment would be the progress indicator should show when it is done with the menu and starts on encoding the videos. I also had to check fit to disk even though it was only slightly over the 25GB limit for a Blu-ray. I just bought this program 2 days ago. The video format is mpeg 2 for all that were added to the timeline.


      My machine is a Dell XPS 8500 quad core (Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40Ghz)

      It has been upgraded to 24 gigs of ram

      I have a little over 250 gigs left on the hard drive


      There is nothing else running besides my browser right now and the program itself.


      I need to know what the progress indicator should be reading first off. It says Burn in Progress and Encoding media with it at 98percent completed.

      Also what can I do to resolve the issue. I highly doubt there is an issue with the computer specs not meeting the minimum requirements.


      Is it also annoying that I can't call support since this is a new purchase and talk to a tech on the phone.


      Can anyone offer other solutions that may resolve the issue? I'm seeing minimal hard drive activity for something that is supposed to be encoding the video.