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    Can't sign up

    rlmilton Level 1

      I've tried multiple times to initiate the trial (10 free images till Nov 30) and every time it gives me a white box saying "Upgrade error. There was an error upgrading your plan."


      I'm on a new Mac Pro, using Safari, have rebooted, flushed cache, logged in and out of my CC account and won't work.


      Sadly, the only "support" Adobe offers is this forum... no number or support email address I could find.  Wow.


      Any suggestion... all of us users appear to be left to ourselves to figure out how to give Adobe our money.Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 3.21.58 PM.png

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Please contact our Sales team for assistance - 800-585-0774





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            rlmilton Level 1

            I did and they said they can't do it over the phone... very incompetent.  They said my browser was at fault.  I tried Chrom... same problem.  No answers chat... and I'm still not able to get this started.  Terrible customer support.

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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Sorry that you're having difficulties with this.  Please re-enter your payment details in your account, save them and try again.


              Let me know how you get on.


              Kind regards



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                I had the same problem. Try this. It worked for me.


                1. At first I canceled the "one picture subscription" for Adobe Stock. (I don´t know how its called in englisch because I see everthing in german. But you will find subscription it in your Account next to your Creative Cloud subscribtion if you already bought a picture at Adobe Stock).

                2. Second I retype the credit card number in the payment option for the creative cloud.

                3. Then I tryed again to sign up for the mounthly AdobeStock-Subscription an it worked.


                Hope it will works for you too.