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    Syncing photos between 2 computers


      I have 2 desktop computers in different locations. I run Lightroom on both, and keep the catalog on Dropbox. Because the 2 locations are very far apart and I can access the remote computer from the local one, I have never had a problem with keeping the catalog synced. However, I have ended up over time using a very convoluted method to sync my photos on both computers. I do not have room on my SSDs to keep my photos on the computer, and have been keeping them on a Drobo mini (not networked) attached to each computer. I back those photos up to a Transporter, which gives me both a local and a remote backup. At the end of every month I copy that month's folder from Drobo to Transporter, and when I move locations I copy the new folders on the Transporter to that location's Drobo. However, since I work from the Drobo and back up to the Transporter, photos that get moved from one folder to another on the Drobo while trying to organize 15 years of photos tend to not get moved on the Transporter, so they also don't get moved on the remote computer. I am looking for suggestions for a simpler, more elegant solution to keeping my working folders on both computers synced, and providing a local/remote backup solution. Having the photo drive in each location be a fast enough drive to run Lightroom at top speed is also important to me.

      I'm not on a particular budget, and have looked at using Synologies, but don't have a feel for how fast they are or how reliably they would sync. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.