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    What happened to the Skins Gallery so we can download skins? (We are on RoboHelp 10)

    jasong23450100 Level 1

      We use RoboHelp 10. There used to be a gallery where we could download skins, other than the canned ones that come as part of a default project. (When I say there used to be... I am meaning it was there as recently as a few months ago, if memory serves. I was onboarding a new employee and we were looking at them, but now I cannot find them.) I have tried multiple web searches and am coming up empty.


      Whenever I attempt to go to there now, I just get routed to this page, which is utterly useless since RoboHelp isnt even listed:


      Can anyone give me a link to the Skins Gallery?
      Was it disabled for everyone who hasnt moved to version 2015?


      Thanks in advance!