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    Save as into a folder via button without much user interaction


      Not super script savvy but my company needs this done so im giving it my all.


      My company wants to step back from paperwork as much as possible and create a fill able PDF which we can put on OUR tablets then have a customer fill out the form and at the bottom click a submit button to save the filled form in one of our files. (server or local)


      Been working on this for a couple hours and read so many threads/guides.

      1. Now I know I must create a trusted function and apply that script to every device that wants to run this button.

      2. I read that Adobe Reader cannot save a filled PDF without the right permissions, not sure how yet.


      I have this jumbled heap of code which i threw together from like 7 different places and its just not working out. Ive been directed to one guide but it's not very clear for me so hopefully I can find help here. thanks