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    passing varibles to an error list

      I am trying to create an “error list” that a page can call to tell the user certain information about what when wrong. (ie Incorrect username and or password, the file you are uploading is too large, or the file is not the right time, etc..) I am having trouble getting the page to call the list and display the variable. I haven’t tried a cfc as I am not that familiar or proficient in creating one. And while I can accomplish this goal by simple using <cfset> for every variable, I don’t want to have to load an entire page for just to display one variable.

      Here is a construct of my thought process.

      Page.cfm has an error 002.
      Page.cfm calls ErrorList.cfm or cfc and passes 002 to the list.
      ErrorList sends back that 002 is Invalid Username or password
      Page.cfm displays error 002

      Any help is greatly appreciated.