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    Launching Flash Pro CS6 Disables Pen Pressure in Photoshop Elements 13


      I have an Ugee m1000L tablet, Photoshop Elements 13, and Adobe Flash Professional CS6 running on Windows 8. In Elements, I found that the feature that allows for tablet pen pressure sensitivity works fine with the tablet and driver that I use. That is, until I specifically launch Flash at any time. Then, it automatically disables this feature. The pen pressure is fully functional in Flash and the pressure sensitivity test in my tablet settings, but not Elements. I have tried exiting out of both applications, unplugging my tablet, plugging it into a different USB port, uninstalling and reinstalling the tablet driver, updating the driver, updating Elements, resetting the tools in Elements, Updating Flash Player, Switching to a new user account, and toggling with settings. I found that the only way to enable the pen pressure in Elements is to restart my computer, only to be disabled again upon launching Flash. Is there any way to fix this pen pressure problem without having to restart my computer every time between use of Flash and Elements?