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    Find Missing font InDesign CC 2015


      Hello All:


      When I open an InDesign file sent to me from I client, I get the normal "Missing Fonts" message. No big deal. The client sent me the fonts. I installed them. They show up in my normal font dropdown. I can use the font in my document.

      The font is Berthold - AkzidenzGroteskBE-Bold. I am in OSX Maverics

      Here is the kicker: When I open the font originally I want to change all missing fonts to the font that I now have. On the Find Font dialogue box, I can select the font to replace it with, but when I press, "Change All," it changes nothing.

      Again, I can change each word individually by using the normal font dropdown within the document, but needless to say that will take forever. Any suggestions?