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    Lightroom for iPad - how useful is it for serious hobbyists & Pros


      Hello all


      I am posting this question here as I could not find satisfactory answers by Google search.


      I have two queries:


      1) Is the now recently launched FREE Lightroom for iPad (you do not have to have a Creative Cloud subscription - it is a standalone free of cost software for iPad & Android tablets & so is for mobiles) as functional as the original LR for iPad where one had to have a CC subscription ? I have a perpetual license for LR 6.xx (not a cc subscription and so was not eligible for LR for iPad before this Free version came out) and I have now installed the free app from the Apple Store on my iPad Air. Is this a scaled down version with lesser functionality?


      2) While LR for iPad seems convenient to do adjustments to photos taken with iPad, how does it really prove to be useful for a serious hobbyist and for a pro who shoots RAW/NEF with DSLR ?


      The idea behind LR for iPad seems to be to enable editing of RAW files on the go. But I do not see quite a few tools which are found on the regular Desktop LR. From what I have understood one has to buy a camera connector to iPad - which I have not yet bought - and the RAW files are transferred to iPad as smart preview files for editing.


      When only basic editing capabilities are present in LR for iPad (OR may be I have not figured out where the more advanced editing tools are) how does a serious hobbyist or a professional photographer has real productivity with LR for iPad ?


      And does one always have to have internet connection to transfer back & forth between iPad & computer ? And are the files always stored in the Cloud?


      That is quite a lot of questions from me.


      Thanks in advance