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    Problems in downloading and updating Adobe Camera RAW


      I'm at my wit's end here. I've been trying to download and update my Adobe Camera RAW so it can read the Nikon D750 RAW files but downloading this has been a nightmare.


      First, the download speed, excruciatingly slow. This is not an issue with my network as I checked the speed I was getting is 1 MBPS for all other downloads but for some reason the download speed for the update is close to 15-16 KBPS. I tried downloading through both the application manager and directly through the website.


      Secondly, in the case of the application manager, after 5-6 hours of excruciating downloading, sometime in the night it showed an error message that the application manager was still on (when I had tried to update the camera raw through my photoshop cs6, there was also an option to update the application manager, I tried to uncheck the option but it doesn't really allow it) and it could not update and the entire thing closes. Worse, once I try again, it starts from scratch, so no progress saved!

      Then I tried directly through the website, downloading adobe camera raw 9.1.1 for mac. Slow download speed again, and it keeps getting timed out. I make several attempts restarting and finally face the same issue, all the download progress is lost, and I have to start from scratch.


      As I write this, I'm trying again through the application manager. Is there no way to just separately download the plugin to read the Nikon D750 NEF file format?


      Please help!!!!!