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    how to insert images from external folder into text frame using AppleScript


      set myFile to null


      tell application "Finder"

        set ArtFolder to choose folder with prompt "Select Art Folder: ---->>"

        set chap1 to (get folder 1 of folder ArtFolder)

        set myFile to (get file 1 of folder (chap1 as alias))

      end tell


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"

        set myDoc to active document

        tell myDoc

             set figureNode to XML element 1 of XML element 2 of XML element 1 of myDoc

             set myFrame to make text frame with properties {geometric bounds:{3, -13, 13, -3}}


             tell text frame myFrame to place (file (myFile))

             markup myFrame using figureNode

        end tell

      end tell


      Requirement: I want to insert image from external folder & contents of current document node into text frame...

      I am using above code, But belowe line not working....

                :- tell text frame myFrame to place (file (myFile))

      Anyone can help me please.....