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    Unione dati



      volevo chiedere se è possibile importare immagini con Unione Dati ignorando l'estensione dei file....

      grazie a chiunque mi risponderà


      Good morning,
      I wanted to ask if you can import images with Union data ignoring the file extension ....
      thanks to anyone who will say,


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm afraid I can't grasp what you're asking. You can not "ignore the file extension". You can turn off the file extension in your operating system, but InDesign only places certain file types. Please give us a better description of what you're trying to do.

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            nicolavc4 Level 1

            The client sent me an Excel table with a few hundred products; a column contains the names of the corresponding photos without the extension (.jpg, .psd, etc.). When I import pictures with Data Merge, InDesign does not recognize pictures in the folder because the photos have not only the name also the extension ... There is a way to tell InDesign to ignore the extension and recognize the file without it? Thanks again

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              MW Design Level 5

              No that I am aware of. ID needs to know the type of the file. Try just dragging one into ID without an extension.


              Inspect the files themselves by spot checking several. See what they seem to all be. Or, using an image editor, you may be able to run a batch process that is not image source dependent on the folder and have them output with a common extension. I haven't tried this but it may work. If it does, then amend the spreadsheet to include the extension.



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                nicolavc4 Level 1

                thank you