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    if else condition


      I am creating a slide show based on Paul Trani's


      Variables and Conditions in Edge Animate - YouTube


      I have the slide show functioning, picture counter functioning.


      Problem; I am trying to toggle visibility of text when certain pictures become visible. So... on my Stage, creation complete, I have this...

      var numOfPhotos = 11;
      var imageCount = 1;

      sym.showPhoto = function (photoDirection){

      imageCount = imageCount + photoDirection;

      //Set in a loop
      if (imageCount > numOfPhotos) { imageCount = 1};
      if (imageCount < 1) { imageCount = numOfPhotos};


      sym.$("mainPhoto").attr("src","images/photo_"+ imageCount +".png");



      I don't know how to properly code a line that sources the "mainPhoto" when its "src" attribute is "photo_1". I am also unsure if that code needs to be on a button click or on the stage, included in the code above.


      Thanks for any help!