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    How to take away numbers on blank lines without fully justifying above text?


      Hello everyone.

      I have a problem with my numbering.  I'd like to remove the numbers for the lines where there is no text.  But when I backspace the text-less line to remove the number, then shift+return to add a paragraph break the paragraph above 'justifies all lines'.  It says it is still 'justify with the last line aligned left' but it isn't, and I can't change it back. I have tried manually changing the justification but it's so tricky to do with every paragraph, and it does not look equal. I have attached some screenshots to illustrate my problem.

      Does anyone know how I can remove the numbers for lines without text without manually clicking on line the line, going to 'bullets and numbering' and clicking 'none', for every line?

      Or if I cannot do that, do you know how I can stop the paragraph above justifying completely once I have removed the number by backspacing?

      Thanks very much in advance, I really appreciate any help that you can give.  It's great that forums like this are here to help.

      justification issue.jpg


      Above is the screenshot where you can see there is a number (25) on the blank textless line.
      Below is when I have removed it by backspacing the line and then shift+return to add a new line, but the above line is fully justified, rather than justified with the last line aligned to the left.


      justification issue2.jpg

      Thanks for your help!  Natasha, a newbie InDesign user.