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    List Values

      Hello all,

      This is probably a dumb question but I will ask it anyways. I am usinf DRX on a Mac and I want to make a list of the 50 states. I have done so using the flash list in the library. I would like this to return a 1 thru 50 value. How can I do that and where would that value show up so I can reference it?

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          Quastion :Hello all,

          I have a problem I could use some help with, I would appreciate any help you
          guys could give me. I would like to make a list of the 50 US states, when
          someone clicks on one I would like to get a 1 thru 50 value. Can you help me do

          ANSWER :

          you should make markers for each menu you want to make(50 US states)
          then make a field on your stage and then make the Dropdown List behavior for it (Library > controls > Dropdown list ) (Drag the Dropdown List to the fild and then in the dropdown List window from Contents of list ,choose " Markers in this movie " ,click OK .
          then Rewind & Play the movie and click on the field .