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    Which GPU matches my i7-4790k Build


      Hello All!


      I have begun to finally build my desktop system (finally moving away from my laptop days) and I settled on a 4790K build mainly for budget reasons.

      I know x99 offers more lanes and 6 cores etc but I doubt I will need multiple GPUs and Raid cards for my use.

      I edit mostly AVCHD from the Panasonic G6 and plan to work with 4K files from the GH4 in the future.

      I know 4K is a buzzword but GH4 4K is not as intensive as RED 4K which a lot of people use as the benchmark.

      I know the 4790K is adequate for the CPU side as many GH4 shooters are using it over on another forum I visit.

      I will be using adequate disk setups and ram etc. What is less clear is which GPU should be appropriate for it.


      I have already visited the Tweakers Page but the examples listed are a few generations old with different specs.

      For example for my build level the page recommends GTX 650 Ti Boost but yet also says memory bandwidth will be important.

      A comparable current GPU to that now would be a GTX 950 when looking at CUDA cores  but not when looking at memory bandwidth hence my confusion.

      Should I spring for a GTX 970 which has the much bigger bandwidth or work with the smaller bandwidth of the GTX 950 keeping in mind the 970 is almost twice the cost?


      GTX 650 Ti Boost    768 CUDA      144.2 GB/s

      GTX 950                 768 CUDA      105.6 GB/s

      GTX 970                 1664 CUDA     224 GB/s



      I am the type of editor who grades everything in my timeline so GPU acceleration is indeed needed for timeline use and less important for export times.

      Thanks for any input, love the helpful people on here.