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    Beware of Adobe Stock offer - Total nightmare


      Never was the expression "Beware men bearing gifts" more true than the nightmare I entered trying to take up Adobe on the their trial for Adobe stock.


      Each time I open photoshop an invitation to try Adobe stock bobs up - eventually it wore me down. It clearly stated that I could try now – I would be charged for a month (£19.99) and then I could cancel anytime I wanted. Despite the following venom - let be said that I have benefited from 9 'free' images. I say 'free', as you will discover when you read on the free images cost me money. As it happened I ended up with only 9 images I wanted as the interface of Adobe stock is not clear and it's very easy to end up licensing something you didn't want - as I did first shot. Anyhow - as a result of the poor interface and the very unoriginal set of images I decided to cancel.


      I went to my account expecting to be able to do this but it appeared all I could do was cancel my entire subscription - CC is my work and I didn't want to risk this - also I had just paid for a new month four days before. So I began a live chat - which lasted about 45 mins with no result. It was apparent that the agent knew nothing about the offer and the only thing he offered to do was to cancel my subscription. Then began the most confusing conversation possible where he said he would 'bill' me this and 'credit' that - with numbers that made absolutely no sense. Despite my pleadings there was no way he could simply cancel my Adobe stock and revert to my regular account. In the end I realised that in order to take up the 'free' offer they bill you for a new subscription even if you already have one – so in this case I was billed £38.11 on 21st November then £58.10 on 23rd November and then another £38.11 on 24th November. So the 'free' offer, if I hadn't cancelled it would have cost me £134.32 for the first month.


      After much hassle I have now managed to extract a credit notes for £90.46 which means that my 10 free pics (9 I sort of wanted and 1 I didn't) have cost me £5.75 and over an hour of my life trying to sort it out.


      This really was a sloppy piece of work for a company of the size and reputation of Adobe and I would strongly urge people not to be tempted by their offer each time they open Photoshop. Services like dreamstime.com offer a way better and more flexible offer (no I don't work for them!).