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    Lightroom CC 2015.3 constantly crashing : "Your system has run out of application memory"


      I installed Lightroom CC 2015.2 in September on a brand new MacBook with 256 Gb SSD running OS X 10.10.5. My photos are on a 1Tb Transcend SSD. This platform is purely for photo processing.


      Soon after I had a problem ("Your system has run out of application memory") which I raised with Adobe, via their Support/Chat. This involved contact with a chain of people who each asked me to reiterate the problem and never addressed it. The last one said it was the Mac with a leak in the memory.  I gave up, then quickly noticed a LR update to v. 2015.3 was available on CC. The support desk failed to mention the update.


      So I downloaded it and have been running Lightroom CC 2015.3 for several weeks without problems. It seemed to have solved the problem.


      But yesterday, I had just started Export video in the Slideshow module (30 photos) when I got the out of memory dialog box again.   Force quitting everything except LR and then resuming LR allowed it to continue for several seconds before the 'out of application memory' message appeared again.


      I then restarted the Mac and LR several times and this 'out of memory' crash always happened, even with just Finder and LR running.  Only Force quit LR allows you to reboot the machine.  So Lightroom = 100% unusable.


      The ‘Use graphics card' preference is not set.



      I then uninstalled and reinstalled LR.  Using the same catalog LR crashed every time it was started.


      LR Preferences 'System info' shows that this time LR crashed it was using 197Gb of virtual memory.  (The figure starts small and rapidly rises.)



      At the same time the LR memory reported by OS X Activity Monitor also rises steadily and rapidly from 250Mb or so, in this case, to 65 Gb... when the 'out of memory' message' appeared.


      Today I decided to try again with a backup LR catalog from 2 days ago. No immediate problems with memory except I noticed that LR opened in the Slideshow module. I quickly moved to Library and Develop to create a new collection.  A few seconds after setting off Export movie, LR crashed with the same memory problem.  


      So it looks like this is related to something in the Export movie function of the slideshow module.  A Force quit of LR and restart seemed OK, although it did open in Slideshow, but this time it did not crash.  I was able to export the collection and have now quickly produced a slideshow in Apple Photos, which at least is reliable.


      When will Adobe release a version of Lightroom that works on OS X and produces movies reliably?


      Whatever the problem is, I am losing time and patience with Lightroom.