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    Speed up preview loading from external HDD?


      I've got my catalog and my images stored on an external hard drive. I'm reviewing some older photos right now, and I find it takes a fairly long time to load the previews.


      As an example - I click into a folder that has around 300 images in it. If I go into grid mode in the preview screen, it loads up the thumbnails for the images that show up in the preview screen, but nothing after that. I scroll down, and it has to load those previews. Scroll again, more loading.


      By the way, the same thing happens with the filmstrip at the bottom. I've tried scrolling all the way to the end, but it appears to only load the previews that are currently visible in either the preview screen or the filmstrip.


      Is there any way (short of "smart previews", and I don't even know if that would do the trick) to just say "Load all the previews at once." The initial load would obviously take longer, but it saves me the trouble of having to wait whilst scrolling.