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    Are you interested in live-streaming your creative process on Twitch.tv?

    kirker Level 4

      Hi everyone!

        I'm a little new around here so I'll go ahead and introduce myself: I'm Kathleen (Kirker) Martin and I am working as the Support Product Manager for Mobile. Along with offering support for our mobile users, I am also a dedicated artist with a background in illustration. Recently, I have been live-streaming my creative process on Twitch.tv and I LOVE it.


        Twitch is a huge online video broadcasting site. It is used primarily for streaming video games but has recently gotten a lot of attention for its Creative section (heard of the Twitch Bob Ross marathon?). Adobe even has its own channel where artists from all over the world (even a few of our own Adobe Evangelists!) stream their creative processes using a multitude of platforms.

      Here's the link to the Adobe Channel --> Adobe Twitch Channel


      Are you interested in broadcasting your work on the Adobe Channel? Please note that there is an application process to become a broadcaster on the Adobe Channel. Not only do you need to be skilled artists, but they need to be comfortable as a broadcasting personality . This means:

      • engaging with chat and being comfortable chatting with viewers vocally. They're real people who will be interested in what you're doing and asking questions as well as sharing their thoughts (which is welcome!).
      • being comfortable on camera (yes, that means showing your face!)
      • being comfortable with Twitch culture. It can take some time to get used to the norms, as in any social environment. This can only be learned by spending time within the community, asking questions and participating in chat.
      • We are looking for high energy broadcasters who are able to work and chat at the same time. Viewers love hearing stories, being asked questions and hearing what you have to say about your craft. The broadcaster generally keeps up this pattern of working and chatting simultaneously for the duration of the stream.
      • We are also looking for creatives with great skills even if they are more quiet. We may want some "chillstreams", or we may pair you up with a commentator who can come into your stream on skype and do more of the chatting.
      • And of course, we need people who support Adobe’s branding by maintaining a positive tone and focusing on the art. This doesn't mean obsessing about the Adobe products, but it does mean keeping a professional attitude about your work and the channel.



      So, how do I go about getting started?

      1) Meet your community. Twitch.tv/Adobe is a great place to start learning about how Twitch works. Join the chat and explore a little on your own! Here's the main page for Twitch Creative with tons of other channels to enjoy: Twitch Creative main page

      2) Get a couple streams under your belt! Feel free to post here or message me when you're going to begin so we can come watch and help if needed. (See the tips below for info on streaming software)

      3) Please post here if you are interested in applying as well as a link to your channel.



      More info:

      • Here's a link to the most commonly used broadcasting software, OBS: https://obsproject.com/ . Set-up is a bit daunting but once you get the basics, it's a breeze.

      (Keep in mind streaming from a Mac can be a little difficult but by no means impossible.. For example, 3rd part software like Sound Flower may be needed to output music audio while you stream )




      Looking forward to hearing from you!



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