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    Differences Between IDMS Placing from Flex and HTML5?


      I'm in the process of rewriting some InDesign plugins from Flex to HTML5 with AngularJS.


      One of our plugins creates a library of IDMS files that can be placed from the plugin onto an InDesign document.


      In the Flex version, when we do this, we get all the various components within the IDMS file, which can then be manipulated separately, edited, etc.


      However, in the HTML5 version, only a raw image is place into the document, and no editing of separate components can be done.


      In looking at the underlying Flex code, I can see where the IDMS file is being loaded into the placeGuns of the application:




      ...and in the corresponding JSX of the HTML5 version, I see the same command:




      In the second case, it loads an array of files (in the event there are more than one), but the effect should be the same.


      I can't figure out why they're being treated differently between Flex and HTML5.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!