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    bring asp into flash with automatic record rotation

      I am trying to bring asp information in to flash just like in this article ( http://www.15seconds.com/Issue/010605.htm), with two different one; some of the information to be displayed in the flash as html, and two; beside the button I want the program to run threw the record it self with out some needing to push a button. The code below is what I am using right now, the asp works and the code to bring the asp into flash works, the info show up in flash, but the rotator is what’s not working right. When I publish my flash using Flash 8 the info from asp including the html part work great the rotator doesn’t do anything, but if I publish it in flash 6 the rotator will work, just will not display the html bit (which if I understand correctly img tag are not supported until flash7). I been trying to get it working for over 2 weeks now and just can’t figure it out, and my skills with action script are not that great so any help will be appreciated.