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    Updates to Color CC (June 2015)

    Dave E Employee Moderator

      Hi everyone.  In June 2015, we released some important updates for Adobe Color (Web, iOS, and Android). The June update requires Color users to move their color themes to CC Libraries.  The purpose of this post is to give you some background on what we’ve added and to also allow you to post feedback or questions. Note, this is an old post I'm reposting to this forum.


      Moving your color themes:

      All color themes need to be moved to a Library (you can place them in a new or existing library).  When you sign in to the app, you will see a message to guide you through the process.  If you have questions or problems, please reply to this post and we will reach out to you. Please keep the following points in mind.

      - All color themes must be moved to a Library.

      - In some cases, you may find duplicate themes.  (If you already have a theme stored in a Library and on Color.adobe.com You can delete duplicates easily by clicking the “delete” link on the theme page.


      Creative Cloud Libraries:

      Libraries allow you to easily access, organize and share your design assets. As you and your creative team move between computers and devices, your shared library items are ready to use anywhere, in your Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps.  Here are some practical ways you can use Libraries with Color:

      - Organize your color themes by project, category, or any other organizing scheme you prefer.

      - Create a Library and share it with your colleagues—they will be able to access the library in desktop and mobile apps. (This capability is available on assets.adobe.com as well as most mobile and desktop apps.)

      - Access your color themes in the Libraries panel in desktop apps and in the Color tool in mobile apps.


      Color now on Android:

      You can download Color CC for your Android on the Play Store.  Adobe Color CC – Android Apps on Google Play


      Please note, Adobe Color on iOS already supports Libraries and has since October, 2014.  With this update, the Color mobile app will no longer be able to save private themes directly to the Adobe Color website.  All themes are now saved to Libraries, exclusively.



      We’re adopting “Appreciations” as a way to send genuine kudos to another user.  Please keep the following points in mind:

      - Appreciations have replaced the old “favorites”.

      - You can see all the themes you have appreciated or favorited here: https://color.adobe.com/my/favorites

      - You can no longer “appreciate” your own theme.  If you have questions about this, please reply to this thread and we will help.


      Publishing your color themes:

      With this update, we’ve moved to a more deliberate “publish” step to make themes discoverable on the color website. This will help users to avoid inadvertently making a theme available to the public.  Please keep the following points in mind:

      - Removing a published theme: If you do not want your theme to be published any more, you will need to delete the published version.  You can find the published version by clicking on the “View” link from the theme page.  Then, click the delete link.

      - Deleting published themes will not delete themes stored in a Library.

      - If  you “delete” a published theme, you will also be losing all the comments, appreciations, and ratings associated with that theme.


      I hope this helps give you a little more information about what these changes mean.  If you have questions, please post them here.  Thanks!