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    cfcomponent wsdlfile method response value getting ignored

    conanbarb Level 1

      I have a SOAP 1.1 webservice that is using a custom wsdfile.


      <cfcomponent namespace="http://TestWebservice" wsversion="1" wsdlfile="TestWSDL.wsdl" style="document"> 


      In the TestWSDL.wsdl file, the PerformInquiryResponse is supposed to return a complex type of PerformInquiryResult

      <xs:element name="PerformInquiryResponse">








      <xs:element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="0" name="PerformInquiryResult" type="tns:InquiryResult"/>





      However, using SOAPUI it returns PerformInquiryReturn instead of PerformInquiryResult

      <PerformInquiryResponse xmlns="http://TestWebservice">



      How do I make sure ColdFusion 10 returns the correct PerformInquiryResult value defined in the TestWSDL.wsdl file instead of PerformInquiryReturn?