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    Converting color pdf to black and white? Adjusting contrast/Brightness?


      I work with older copies of music that are frequently yellow background. As I scan them to read on my IPad as PDF files, I use the scanning software to adjust contrast and it works great, but it is time consuming to scan them in a page at a time.


      The teaching method from late 19th Century I would like to scan is 35 pages. It has been scanned and is available from IMSLP, but the person that scanned it did a color scan. I cant figure out how to change to black and white and adjust the contrast/brightness to get rid of the grey background produced by the old yeller scans and save as a new PDF.


      I have creative cloud and am hoping there is some program in it I can use to convert the whole file and adjust so that it looks black and whit again.


      Can anyone suggest a plan?



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Acrobat Pro has a Convert Colors tool that you can use to convert all RGB or CMYK raster images to Grayscale. That would eliminate the annoying color backgrounds, but alas would yield annoying gray backgrounds. There is no tool to convert grayscale images to pure monochrome images or to allow for image contrast and/or brightness adjustment natively within Acrobat.


          A solution that would work would be to use the Editing tool in Acrobat to open each page (assuming each page is an image) in Photoshop, change the color space to Grayscale, adjust the contrast and brightness to suit your tastes, do any other cleanup you need, and then save and go back to Acrobat where the edited page replaces what you previously had.


          This is indeed time consuming, but it may be less time consuming than manually rescanning all 35 pages.


                     - Dov