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    How to view .SVG files on a Windows 10 PC?

    garyn321 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Now that Muse supports .SVG files I've collected some for use in my Muse design work flow, as I have collected .PNG files, .JPG files, etc.


      If I need to find a .JPG file for example I can browse to a folder on my Windows based PC, using File Explorer (or 'My Computer') and see a thumbnail of the contents of each of the many files contained in that folder.


      With .SVG files the thumbnail is shown as generic icon rather than seeing what's inside of each .SVG file, making finding things a 'one file at a time' task (meaning each .SVG file must be opened individually to see if its the 'right' one).


      Windows 8.1 offered an extension that allowed for this. Windows 10 doesn't seem to.


      Anyone have a helpful idea or know of a better way?