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    epub books will not remove from my library


      How can I remove an epub book from the Digital Editions library on my laptop? (and make them stay removed)

      "Remove from Library" only removes the item from the current list until I close ADE. The books re-appear when I open ADE.

      I can't open the books in ADE (some type of glitch), and I can't make them go away.

      It makes no difference whether I have "Library Sync" option marked or not marked.

      I can't find another option in the ADE menu to remove them. I have not been able to find them online to try removing them from the cloud directly.

      I can't return them to the library outside of the ADE software, but I can't open them in ADE to return them  

      fyi, The time stamps on the books in ADE match the time on my laptop.

      Any ideas ... ?  Thank you.