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    Bye Adobe Revel, need a new back up service


      So it seems that adobe revel is coming to an end soon.  I have used Revel to back up all my photos.  I also keep a copy on an external hard drive.  I am switching to the adobe creative cloud service and have started to upload my photos to Lightroom mobile.  I do not use a laptop or PC.  I currently use an ipad Pro.  I have used nothing but tablets for the last 5 years or so along with adobe revel.  I just read that creative cloud does not store your original images but instead keeps a smaller version of them in the cloud.  In the past, I would upload my images to Revel and then back up to my hard drive.  Once done, I would then delete all the photos off of my tablet.  If I ever needed the original, I would dowload from Revel and then edit if needed. Seems I cannot do this with the creative cloud services.  The originals do not get saved to the cloud.


      My question is now that Revel is going away, and since I do not use the lightroom for desktop version, is there anything else I can use to keep my original images stored in the cloud.  I really enjoyed using Revel and hate they are getting rid of it.  Creative Cloud doesn't seem to do what I need it to unless I have a laptop/computer to install lightroom desktop on.  Does anyone else use another service to store their original images?  Any suggestions out there.  I am debating on weather I shoud get an inexpensive laptop just to be able to utilize the lightroom desktop version.