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    Keeps crashing, says there's not enough memory…


      Hello all,


      I have MC CS6, I figured it was better to have it… And not need it,  then to… Need it,  and not have it…


      Up until recently, I've primarily lived in Photoshop Extended and Illustrator…


      Instead of spending $5 at Fiverr, and trying to explain exactly what I need done… Since I have the tools to do it, figured I would do this myself…


      Took me forever just to get After Effects to recognize my QuickTime installation.

      Now, it's telling me I don't have enough memory…


      64-bit 8.1

      8 core I7

      24 GB RAM

      3 GB video RAM

      750 GB SSD

      1 TB storage


      In my preferences, I created a folder on my SSD and gave it 30 GB of room to play with… That should be plenty, right?


      The video I was playing with, is just under 35 MB.


      I have a screenshot of the error messages, hopefully somebody can shed some light.


      Thank you in advance,