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    indesign direct selection tool stopped moving items

    RaCreate Level 1

      This has been happening every month or so for the past few months.


      Each time I've managed to solve it by searching through online (for ages, and frustrating amount of pointless reading), so I thought I'd post my own question, as because it always seems to happen mid panic-stricken deadline, I can't remember what the solution was.

      This has only been happening since I've been using Indesign CCS, and I've been using indesign for as long as it has existed. So I guess it's a new setting OR a new bug.

      So far I've deleted my indesign preferences and restarted. No such luck. It wasn't that easy.

      I do have this awful feeling it's something silly, like an "F key" or something basic, that perhaps I'm hitting accidentally.

      But as I say, I can't remember, and I can't easily find the answer.

      Can anyone tell me the steps please?

      Thanks out there...