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    Problems after copying images from Time Machine to new computer


      My old iMac died so I bought a new one.  I was not able to figure out how to restore the images from time machine to the new iMac via the Time Machine app, so I ended up opening finder, opening the .db file on Time machine and copying my 700GB of images over, preserving the folder structure.  I opened LR, restored my last catalogue backup and pointed it to the images folder. Everything was great.  Until I tried to import images from my last photo shoot.  LR was not able import.  Then I found I couldn't create a folder inside LR.  I discovered that any changes/moves/adds/copies in finder required me to type my admin password.  This only happens inside the folder hierarchy I imported from Time Machine.  I spent an hour at the Auth Apple repair here in Thailand and they couldn't figure it out how to turn off permissions inside that one image folder.