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    Lightroom 5 Edit In not opening Plug ins


      Im running an iMac with the latest OS (El Capitan) and have encountered a problem with Lightroom 5 although I don't think it is an OS problem. The problems is the "Edit in" function to edit in the plug-ins. The edit in Photoshop works fine just not the plug-ins.  The strange thing is that this is only occurring on one catalog. If I click edit in  I get an error as below.

      "Lightroom was unable to prepare the selected file at /Volumes/Pictures/XXXX/XXXXX/XXXX/File Name.dng for editing. It will not be opened."


      If I try to open the plug-in with the File>Plug-in Extras I get the error as below


      "Sorry, Lightroom could not complete your request. The reason code appears below: AgNegative:renderToFile: <AgErrorID>dng_error_write_file</AgErrorID>"


      At this stage I have not uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom 5 as I am thinking that the catalog is corrupted. Having said that I have backed up the catalog and included a check of the catalogs integrity and there doesn't seem to be a problem.


      Someone suggested that it may be a permissions issue however if this was the case then my other catalog would not be functioning either.


      If anyone has any suggestions that would be appreciated.


      Cheers Paul