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    InDesign CC 2014 crashes on export to IDML


      One of our InDesign CC 2014 files crashes InDesign when I export to IDML, either using File > Export or using File > Package (when the IDML option is selected, when it's not selected the package runs without problems)

      The issue only occurs with this one file.


      The file is seemingly without errors, or at least none are reported in the Preflight panel, no font issues, no missing graphics (all graphics are linked)

      The document is 74 pages so not very large (16 MB)

      I have tried deleting and re-creating the files InDesign Defaults and InDesign SavedData: no change

      I have tried saving the InDesign file under s different file name: this reduced the file size but the crash still happens.

      I have asked a colleague to try exporting on a different PC: same problem


      InDesign release: 2014.1

      InDesign Build: x64


      Operating system: Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1, 64-bit


      Any suggestions for steps I could try would be appreciated.