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    How can make slow animation smoother on Youtube?

    olebbb Level 1

      I'm afraid this a problem that cannot be solved but I'll try:

      Here is the example video of what I am talking about: gloriam testi - YouTube


      The video is made with After Effects CS6. There is a slow "camera move" and a slow moving in light flares. The problem is that when uploaded on youtube those moves are really non-smooth even if it is 50fps on youtube. Is there any way in rendering settings that could minimize this?

      The original video is smooth and its rendered using settings for youtube. Could it make difference if I change the rendering bitrate? What about the fps? Now the project and rendered video is 50fps but could it (somehow) make the move better if I render it to 25fps?


      Thanks for the help!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There is not much you can do. You picked the most unsuitable subject for MPEG compression: a nearly static image with fine details and nothing going on on top of it. There's simply not enough temporal variability and the compression has nothing to work with, because there is no real motion. All it can do is distribute splotchy areas as best as it can and that ultimately causes the jumps. Of course there can be other things like quantization issues in the rotation values because everything is so super slow, but one way or the other that doesn't change the fact that only rethinking and reworking your design can solve these issues, not some magic switch.



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            olebbb Level 1

            thanks for the answer! that was pretty much what i expected. i have to think this in my future projects