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    Millions or Trillions?

    Timo Fecher

      Hi everyone! I have the following problem: I've recorded footage in 4k with ProRes 422 (HQ). Now I want to edit that footage in After Effects CC and render it in the exact same format ProRes 422 (HQ). For ProRes is a 10 Bit Codec and I don't want the final clip to be 8 Bit, I've set the project settings to 16bpc. In the render settings I've set the video codec to Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). Now I thought I have to choose "Trillions of Colors" instead of "Millions of Colors" as depth to not create an 8 Bit file, BUT when rendering at Millions of Colors, the final clip is much bigger (927 MB) than the same clip with Trillions of colors (815 MB). The original clip is 930 MB. What did I wrong or what do I have to do to get a proper ProRes 422 HQ file?! Hope someone can help me with this problem.


      Best regards!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          ProRes uses wavelet compression and that is simply much more efficient with higher precision since it yields a better representation of the "wave" transform. It's the exact opposite of conventional compression methods that use quantization and specific patterns to remove redundancies. From a technical POV thus nothing is wrong, unless you can detect visual degradation.



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            Timo Fecher Level 1

            Thanks for the quick answer! So in order to maintain the 10 Bit of the source footage I should definitely render with Trillions of Colors and the settings in the screenshot?

            Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-26 um 16.01.33.png