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    nameddest is not working right, under Word2010 with Acrobat XI Pro PDFmaker.

    DerWatz Level 1

        Hello (I'm getting crazy),


      I'm using Word2010 with Acrobat XI Pro.

      Normally I use the PDFmaker to generate Handbook with bookmarks.

      Now we lik to access some articles inside this PDF-document.


      The Word-Code is:

      {PRINT "[ /Dest /_2A010501_Willkommen /DEST pdfmark "}


      The call is:

      1. Acrobat.exe /A "nameddest=_2A010501_Willkommen" E:\ME-DRP\Diverses\OnlineHilfe_2015\PDF\2A010501-make.pdf


      With the PDFmaker, the PDF-file is opening at the first page.


      When using a simple Print to PDF command; it works.

      The PDF file opens at destination I want it to.

      But I get no bookmarks on just printing.


      Any solution for this problem?




      Or am I?