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    Italics on User Interface




      I have asked this already on a different threads, but under Peter Spier's advice am starting a new thread about it.


      On various parts of my user interface, the text is shown in italics. This problem also occurs in Photoshop, but not in Illustrator. The problem started on CS6 in about July, it had been working fine for some time beforehand. At this point the problem applied to Illustrator and Indesign, but not Photoshop. Upon updating to CC 2015, the italics disappeared on Illustrator but appeared on Photoshop. I am running Windows 8.


      As can be seen from the screenshot above, some areas are not in italics, but others are. In boxes that you can type into, e.g.opacity, the text returns to normal while i am typing, before reverting to italics once I leave the box. This problem applies only to Adobe apps. Until today, I didn't know of anyone else with this issue, however a colleague updated from Windows 8.1 to 10 yesterday, and he now has this issue as well.


      I have trashed preferences, run the Adobe cleaner tool and reinstalled the apps, run the CCleaner tool, reset Windows font settings to default and reinstalled all fonts. None of which have had any effect. This issue does not seem to have any effect on actual performance, but it's annoying and it could be part of a larger problem. Thanks to anyone who can help. Hope this is clear, if you need any more details please ask.

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          This morning I updated to Windows 10. At first I had problems, as the OS would not recognise the second screen and all the text on all programs was enlarged.

          However, the italics had disappeared.

          I restarted as an attempt to solve the second screen issues etc. It resolved these - and the italics came back.

          It makes no sense to me - if it makes sense to you please help.


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            We got in touch with Adobe support about this, and they sorted it out by sending us a replacement font folder.

            Must have been a corrupted font.

            Thanks Adobe!