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    Control surface faders


      I just added a Behringerr X-touch compact audio board, after a year of being on a wait list, and have a question regarding its use in Premiere Pro CC as an audio mixer.  It works just as it should in Audition. In Premiere Pro though I can use it to set overall volumes in the Clip mixer


      Also the sliders control the volume in the CLIP MIXER window and the digital fader on the screen moves with it. 

      On the TRACK MIXER I can adjust the volume up and down but the digital fader on the screen doesn't move. Also it will adjust and keep whatever the initial volume level is. will not change mid clip regardless of write, touch or latch.

      Also when playing back if there is a space between the clips the fader drops to - infinity  and then jumps back. i.e. have a clip with bottle opening, pouring, drinking and then an AHH. spaces between the clips for timing and each time it hits a dead spot the fader goes all the way down.


      Just curious if anyone had any insight.