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    Dynamic Content / Topics in different projects

      Hi All,
      Working with RH X 5 generating WebHelp.

      I searched Rick,Peter and Rogers site for some tips on Dynamic Content, and also searched this forum with keywords - Dynamic Content, dynamic,content..etc.. but didnt find something that would help me.
      i.e. Using the same content in more than one project.
      Pls help.

      This how I assume it should work.

      I have created a topic 1 in Project A. and I want to use this topic 1 in Project B. I can import this topic 1 and add it to the Project B, but this is not good as if i want to change any content in topic 1 in Project A it wont effect in topic 1 of Project B and I will have to re-import topic 1 into Project B. Well this is OK until you have got like two project with one topic, but at this stage I have 3 different projects and I have to use approx 4 topics of the same content in all the Projects. This can be pain in the back side if I have to go and import all topics everytime I change something!!
      I am sure there should be a way to to change contents of one topic and it effects other topic contents.

      I cant have one project and use tags as this would become a very big project and it will be very hard to maintain - I think so.
      The help manuals am creating is for one software but different kind of users.

      Hope I make sense.

      Thank you
      Have a great day.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          There is a method on my site for re-using content in more than one topic in the same project. Click here. However it is not without problems in webhelp and will not suit most scenarios.

          I don't know of anything that is cross project. The topic would be outside the project and cause search problems for a start.

          This is sort of the holy grail. Give up while you are sane would be my advice.

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            Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
            Good afternoon all,


            Would it be possible to use something similar to Rick's "Sharing topics across multiple projects" in his Tips and tricks? I know it is written specifically for HTML Help, but...

            If I get time this afternoon, I'll give it a try.

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Brian

              First off, what I'm about to say does NOT mean your idea is a bad one. Personally, I like it. But that solution sorta heads down the tubes along with a gurgling flushing sound in X5.

              Why? All the XML files that have specific names that aren't unique to the project. Once you place project 2 in the same folder, its files then overwrite project 1's. I think the troublesome files have a .APJ extension.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
                Just an update.

                Followed Rick's instructions (nearly)

                1 Created the Top level folder.
                2 Created three sub-folders - Forumtest1 to 3
                3 Created three test projects, each containing 6 topics and 3 shared topics.
                4 Placed shared topics in the top level folder
                5 Imported the shared topics into each project
                6 Created Index
                7 Used Traditional Style to generate
                8 Checked all three Webhelp outputs.
                9 I edited the shared topics in one project. Saved and closed the project.
                10 Opened each of the other projects in turn and checked that the changes were reflected.
                11 Regenerated each project and checked the output.

                All projects webhelp were updated properly. The contents,Index and search features worked.

                As Rick says in his instructions, backup the .JS and .CCS files before you start. (missed one project).


                When you get a chance, would you check that the steps I carried out were correct.


                If you try this, don't forget to backup your whole projects first. Must be nearly morning where Rick is.

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                  Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
                  Didn't see you there Rick, Took me a while to write all this up.



                  I didn't put the projects in the same folder, just straight into their own sub-folders, and copied the shared topics into the top level folder, then imported them.
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                    RoboWizard Level 4
                    Hi Brian

                    No worries

                    Still working on my second cup of "Go power" (coffee)

                    Hey, if you can make it work, I'm impressed to say the least. I recall when X5 arrived that I had to abandon the way I used to work because of it. I would be cautious with placing the project files in sub folders with that additional folder layer sitting above where the main project files are. Something in my gut is wanting to say there could be issues down the road with this approach.

                    Cheers all... Rick