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    photoshop after effects


      hello I have some problems with my photoshop and after effects . I bought a new tablet for drawing and I opened my photoshop to trying my tablet. but brush pressure did not work. I made brush pressure activated but it did not work again. and then I tried in tv paint . the pen pressure did work in tv paint. I took my tablet and tried in photoshop in the computer of my school. pen pressure did also work again. and this is not only problem with my photoshop. when I draw something in photoshop , the line is not following my pen moves for about a second . the line goes straight for a second and after that , it starts following my pen moves on tablet. the problem with after effects is that : I installed ''element 3d v2'' plug-in for after effects . and Im sure I installed correctly because I tried it in my school's computer too and it also works . but in my computer when I open element 3d , the scene is opening , but the object I choosed does not appear. or when I import a object that I export from maya to element 3d , it does not appear too . I talked about these problems to my teacher and they said ''thats probably about your graphıc card'' ( not driver its about ''card'' ) So , probably Im gonna change my computer settings and some pieces for these problems. but even so Im riding my system and graphic properties to you to look at. may be you can find any other solution. otherwise Im gonna take my computer to repair to upgrage properties..

      system properties :

      *operating system : windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
      *system producer : system manufacturer
      *system model : system product name
      *processor : AMD phentom(tm) II X4 925 processor (4 CPUs), 2.8 GHz
      *memory : 6144 MB RAM

      graphic properties :

      *name : ATI Radeon HD4600 Series
      *produces : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
      *yonga type : ATI display adapter (0x9498)
      *DAC type : Internal DAC (400 mhz)
      *total memory : 3830 MB

      I hope you can help me .. thanks in advance