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    Hard disk media cache vs previews


      I have read the tweakers page and many other have gotten close but havent found the answer.

      Tweakers says order of speed is media cache/ media cache database then previews.

      I have OS and programs on 512 SSD... easy enough

      i have a 2TB 7200 for media and project....once again easy enough

      left over I have 2TB 7200 and the 256 SSD that i replaced with the 512.


      so here is question.  Would i do better to put the cache on the SSD and the previews on the 2TB or will the speed of the SSD be better served putting the caches and the previews on the SSD and keeping it cleaned up between projects?  I do not want to RAID at this time. 


      And if I read this right export to the SSD in either case since cache and previews are not used during exporting.