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    Adding Photo Credit


      When adding photo credit to a photo, what is added and how/where is it added? Is the photo's author name used or is adobe's name used? Is a watermark used? Is a link used? Thanks!

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Really depends on your use as to where to put it. For example if it is on Social Media it goes right on the image. If it's in a book you can just add it to any other credits you have inside.


          Usually just the words "Adobe Stock" and the Stock Number or Artist name is fine. If it's on the photo just small print at the bottom just so it is readable but not take away from the image.

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            andrewc51426193 Level 1

            Ok, thanks for the reply! I am using a woman's picture for my book's pen name author profile and social media profile's. I see that adobe claims that photo credit is only required for editorial articles and social media. I don't want to put "adobe stock" on my photo because book buyers might know it is a fake author profile if I show adobe stock on it. Is it possible to just have the photo authors name with the copyright symbol on the image, leaving "adobe stock" out? Because I see in my photo purchase that the copyright symbol is next to the photo authors name on my order receipt from adobe.


            Do photo authors who upload their photo's to adobe stock have complete copyright rights to their images, or does adobe share the copyrights with the author since they are using adobe's site? For photo credit to be added correctly, are both parties required to be cited, or can I just use the person/company that has full copyright rights?


            Thanks for your time!